LAM-HURL / Our Innovative Hurley Solution

Traditionally, hurleys are made from the bottom 1.3 metres of the ash tree, where the underground root system is exposed to form the curved grain on the ​bas​ of the hurley for optimum strength and resilience. Unfortunately, this traditional way of making hurleys could soon become a dying art due to a fungal disease known as ​Chlara Fraximea​.

Chlara Fraximea​ – or more commonly referred to as ​Ash Dieback Disease​ – has reduced the supply of ash across Europe and is now present in Ireland.

Confronted with this problem, we have developed an innovative new hurley called the LAM-HURL​. Our inventive manufacturing method allows us to continue using 100% ash through our own unique technology, which means we can use wood from higher up the tree to form the ​bas​ of hurley without losing any of the characteristic strength and durability. This method has the additional benefit of making hurley production from ash trees a lot more sustainable.

Since the launch of our LAM-HURL a few years ago, it has been tried and tested in the heat of battle on many a GAA field and holds up equally as well in comparison to the traditional hurley. It has the exact same feel and strike as a regular stick. To prove its quality, no less than Cork senior intercounty star, ​Seamus Harnedy​, fell in love with our LAM-HURL and used it throughout the 2018 season – culminating in him receiving a GAA All-Star Award.

The LAM-HURL can be made to any shape, length and weight preference, and if ever cracked or damaged, it can be fixed just like the traditional hurley with glue ,clamping and banding.

Whilst 95% of the hurleys at our sawmill continue to be made in the traditional way, our LAM-HURL is an increasingly popular product – and one that could be vital to the future of hurling.

Due to the increased demand of our LAM-HURL we have a very limited stock.At present they are not available to purchase online.They can only be purchased at our workshop.We will be launching them online in the coming months so watch this space !!

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At present due to high demand there is a turnaround time of at least 6-8 days from when orders are placed to when they are received